Ecology and protection of the Earth is a major concern for us and for our customers. Services delivered via the Cloud help reducing our environmental footprint. Secuserve takes a step further and is determined to reduce its energy consumption and to use more innovative green technologies.

Cloud computing to save the Earth

Without Secuserve our customers would have to manage their messaging system with their own servers. They would have to set up several servers (filtering, messaging and storage servers, firewalls and routers, each of these servers being backed up by a redundant server) that could sometimes be either oversized or undersized, irrespective of the number of email boxes. We assess that a company with 50 users would need 70 kWh per user per year for its servers. A company with 500 users would only need 16 kWh per user per year. In such a case, servers may turn to be unused and not optimized in terms of space and time. Cloud computing offers the possibility to put in common some components (e.g. firewalls, filtering servers etc.) and, thus, to reduce significantly the servers electricity consumption. With an average consumption of 1.7 kWh per user per year, the servers we use to provide our services consume at least 10 times less energy than an on-premise corporate messaging server.

Eco-friendly technologies

Unfortunately, the sole electricity consumption of our servers is not enough to assess our energy impact. A first step is to optimize the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), that is to say the electricity consumption of the collocation center (lighting, air conditioning etc.). On average, the server PUE for an on-premise messaging system is 2.5 (the user then consumes 175 kWh per year). Thanks to “cool corridor” systems and variable frequency drives, Secuserve PUE is 1.5 (thus, a mailbox only consumes 2.5 kWh per year), in other words the mailboxes we provide you with consume 70 times less electricity. Finally, for (when possible sustainable) production, energy supply and designing and constructing buildings we choose only datacenters and technological partners with stringent corporate environmental policy and certification: LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Green Grid member(, etc. This helps us to reduce even more our environmental impact and carbon dioxide emissions.